Controlled Induction 2020 is our latest, most versatile and accurate cam design software.  It combines, replaces and succeeds all of our previous software.  Beyond calculating your given engine's cam design requirements, this software will generate, and save to file, the cam profile lift tables.   

These files can be used in Engine Analyzer Pro and Dynomation software to simulate, and verify, each cam design's performance.  You can also have Howards Cams CNC grind these profiles on the cam core of your choice, using these same lift table files. 

Controlled Induction 2020 is easy to operate, and like all of our software, only requires the user to follow directions and use common sense.  Please browse our website for complete information and images of all our available software.



Main stream cam design is accomplished with a polynomial curve fitting program or advanced software that generates curves in segments with differential equations.  Design engineers can control profile parameters such as,  lobe area, radius of curvature, nose and seat acceleration, seat velocity, as well as, maximum velocity and acceleration, and the degree at which they both occur.  Years of experience and tools like the Spintron, have defined acceptable values for nose acceleration, seat acceleration and velocity, while the shape and profile area is still accomplished by cut and try on each specific engine.

Profiles are now being designed with dynamic capabilities well beyond the maximum RPM of the engine and in certain cases have shown improved power past peak HP RPM up to maximum RPM.  This method will continue to improve in performance with time.

Controlled Induction cam profiles are generated using each given engine’s specific piston motion and the piston area’s relationship to the effective valve area.  These natural curves promote better cylinder filling than the conventional profiles, while meeting all current acceptable dynamic considerations for acceleration and velocity.  

​What are you waiting for?

Controlled Induction utilizes our Jones Camshaft Design Equation, the only true mathematically correct camshaft requirement equation.  The foundation of our calculations start directly at the level of established science (laws of physics) and does not make assumptions such as empirical model and fitting parameters.  This allows us to model cylinders of any size, at any RPM, and calculate their camshaft requirements with equal accuracy.


Our cam equation has been successfully designing cams and generating profiles for race and championship winning engines in most every type of racing for almost 50 years, including a few Indy 500 winners.  The original Controlled Induction software was released in 1992, and continues to be used by todays manufacturers, camshaft companies, and engine builders around the globe. 
If you’re a professional engine builder, this software would be an invaluable tool for you and your business.  There is nothing more accurate than Controlled Induction, in selecting the right camshaft.          It's Real...It's Accurate...and It's Proven! 


( Jones Cam Design Equation )

Camshaft Design & Profile Generation Software


Controlled Induction

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With Controlled Induction 2020 custom camshaft orders growing daily and running smoothly, I’ve had time to show one of my CamGen customers how to create high area flat tappet profiles.  Their main goal was to make, an offer, a line of profiles with more area than Lunati’s Voodoo cams. 

Putting the "Hoodoo on the Voodoo"

So, I conjured up some magic of my own…actually I showed him how to extend the maximum velocity on both sides of a profile, which I started some 30 years ago.  It took less than an hour to generate 4 profiles that covered them by more than 3% in area at comparable duration and lifts.  When these cams come to market, it looks like Lunati will have to find themselves a new witch doctor. 


Mathematicians resolve the truth with mathematical reasoning and mathematical proof.  But with 97% of the world’s population having less than an 8th grade mathematical education with little to no knowledge of physics, it is easy to understand how false prophets have deceived so many with irrelevant conjecture and their brilliant communication style. 

Fortunately, most of the deceived individuals will realize their mistake when the gifted communicators cannot deliver their promised results.  Unfortunately, there will always be those who are not smart enough to know when they are being duped.  And since I have no ambition to learn the art of persuasion, I’ll be content in knowing that my customers will have an endless supply of “also rans” to spank at the races.  

Rick Jones

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