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Controlled Induction 2020 is our latest, most versatile and accurate cam design software.  It combines, replaces and succeeds all of our previous software.  Beyond calculating your given engine's cam design requirements, this software will generate, and save to file, the cam profile lift tables.  These files can be used in Engine Analyzer Pro and Dynomation software to simulate, and verify, each cam design's performance.  You can also have Howards Cams CNC grind these profiles on the cam core of your choice, using these same lift table files. ​​

If you do not have a well rounded understanding of the engine, the basic laws of physics and an average high school math education, you are wasting your time trying to truly understand how an engine's camshaft requirements can be determined.  However, there are other options we will tell you about on this page that were made specifically for people like you.

To have the ability to determine an engine's valve opening / camshaft requirements, you must first realize the parameters that are related and also understand how each of these parameters are related.  You can then use these mathematical relationships to write a true equation that agrees with the rules of math and the laws in physics while solving for the camshaft parameters.  This is exactly what Controlled Induction does and why our software is the most accurate method of determining the correct camshaft requirements.  

If for whatever reason, you don't believe Controlled Induction is mathematically correct and the most accurate, there are a couple other avenues for you to take.  There is a perfect method for those of you who want to appear to be knowledgeable, to others who are not, and make decisions through the process based on specific engine parameters that have no relationship with the cam parameters you are deciding on.  But since facts and common sense are not important to you, the colored graphs and charts you get to use should give you a sense of accomplishment.  The only downfall is the cam will be a turd.

Then we have those of you who have experience building engines and are by no means stupid, but are not comfortable with something that might change your current understanding of cams.  For all of you, the new Pipemax software will keep you happy, and my good friend Larry Meaux has been slowly adding our math and method into his software.

Controlled Induction 2020 is our professional tool for determining an engine's camshaft requirements, and allows the user to generate and save the designed profiles to an ".S96" file.  The user can load these files into Dynomation and/or Engine Expert software to simulate the cams performance.  They can also send the files to their favorite cam grinder, who can read the files into a CNC grinder and manufacture them a cam.

Rick Jones has sold all rights to the software and will no longer be involved with Controlled Induction software come January 1, 2019.   At that time, the price of Controlled Induction 2020 will be increased to $229.95 and the mathematical formulas and equations will be removed from the software's instructions and this website.  

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