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  • MODEL Any 1- to 16-Cylinder, 4-Cycle Engine, 2, 3, 4 And 5 Valves with Flat Top, Dish or Dome Piston

  • MODEL Naturally Aspirated, Supercharged, Turbocharged and Nitrous.  

  • Determine Manifold Air Temp (F) and Charge Density from Intercooling with any forced induction system.

  • MODEL Gasoline, Methanol, E15 And E85 Fuel with Hydraulic and Mechanical Roller OR Flat Tappet Cam

  • Accurately Determine the Mean Cam Design Velocity and Calculates the Best Cam for Any Application.

  • Generate the Intake & Exhaust Profile Lift Tables and Save Them to File.

  • Display Intake & Exhaust Profile Duration values at Seat, .020", .050", .100", .200", .300", .400" 

  • Display Intake & Exhaust Profile Cam Lobe Lift, Net Valve Lift, Lobe Centerline, Valve Lift @ TDC and Footprint  

  • Display All Cam and Profile Values at The Valve (Optional)

  • Graph Calculated Intake & Exhaust Valve Motion against User Adjusted Valve Motion Curves

  • Display Timing Events, Profile Area, Overlap Area for All Four Curves on Graph Form

  • Accurately Predict Horsepower and Torque 

  • Determine the Optimum Average Inlet Air Charge Column Area for Best Overall Power 

  • Determine the Ports Design Velocity Capabilities

  • Determine and Display the Ports Allowable Mean and Potential Volumetric Efficiency %

  • Determine and Display the Ports Mean and Average Maximum Velocities

  • Determine and Display The MCSA/Throat Mean and Maximum Velocities

  • Determine, Control and Display the Mean Curtain Velocity

  • Calculate and Display the Intake Port Discharge Co-efficient

  • Calculate and Display the Intake and Exhaust Port Theoretical CFM at Max Flow Lift and Convergence Lift

  • Determine Resonant Tuning Lengths for Intake & Exhaust Tracks

  • Calculate Required Block Deck Height and Combustion Chamber Volume (cc)

  • Display Fuel and Thermal Efficiencies, BSFC, BSAC, A/F Ratio, Req. ACFM, Req. VE%, BTU's/HP/HR

  • Display Average, Predicted and Potential values for Observed and Corrected Torque and HP.

  • Instantly Switch Between US & Metric Units

  • Get FREE Program Updates 24/7

This Website is Closing June 9, 2019.  From that date on, all Controlled Induction Sales and Support will be available through "maxracesoftware.com".


Controlled Induction 2020 is our latest, most versatile and accurate cam design software.  It combines, replaces and succeeds all of our previous software.  Beyond calculating your given engine's cam design requirements, this software will generate, and save to file, the cam profile lift tables.  These files can be used in Engine Analyzer Pro and Dynomation software to simulate, and verify, each cam design's performance.  You can also have Howards Cams CNC grind these profiles on the cam core of your choice, using these same lift table files. ​​


Controlled Induction 2020 Version 3.02 accurately models 1 to 12-cylinder engines with cylinders from .7854 cubic inch (1.000" bore and stroke) to 169.646 cubic inches (6.000" bore and stroke)

You can select and load the bore, stroke and rod length from our engine library of hundreds of short blocks. 
The Cam Profile Generation feature will generate and check that each profile's velocities, accelerations, nose radius and negative radius of curvature meets all design requirements and make minor profile design adjustments, if required.  If these adjustments will not satisfy the design requirements, a message box will appear with simple instructions on how to remedy the design faults.

Cam Profiles are Saved to File in a S96 File Format That Can Be Loaded into Engine Analyzer Pro or Dynomation software.
The Software Can Make All Decisions when operated in Auto-Calc Mode.

What Is Being Calculated, Why and How, Are Explained In 44 pages of the User’s Manual, Along with Simple Instructions

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Controlled Induction


Camshaft Design & Profile Generation Software

Controlled Induction 2020 version 3.02 does so much more than calculate an engine's camshaft requirements, it is one of the best engine development tools available.  If you don't understand how the parameters in the engine are related and how they affect each other, this software can teach you.  It can help the ignorant, but can't fix stupid.  


For specific information, read our User's Manual on the User's Manual webpage.