Camshaft Design & Profile Generation Software

Controlled Induction


With given values for valve seat duration, net lobe lift and ramp height, "CamGen" generates dynamically sound profiles with varying degrees of area, determined by the given rod to stroke ratio.  Opening and closing side values are calculated and displayed for the nose acceleration, gross lobe lift, seat duration, seat acceleration, maximum velocity, ramp velocity, minimum negative radius of curvature and the profile footprint.

After generating the profile lift, velocity and acceleration tables for each side, they can be viewed every half of a crank degree.   An outline of the profile is displayed in duration values at seven points of lift, from seat to .400".  And the main form ends with the calculated gross cam lift @ TDC values.

CamGen will calculate, generate and save the current profiles "Design", "A-P-V-A", "Part Edge", "Cutter Path" and the profile Master's "Part Edge" and "Tool Path".  It will also save your current profile in "*.S96" format, compatible with simulation software and Howards Cams CNC grinder.


CamGen will graph the Current Profiles "Part Edge", "Master Part Edge", "Lift", "Velocity" and "Acceleration".  It also graphs and compares the "Lift", "Velocity" and "Acceleration" of the "Current Profile", "Saved Profile" and "Imported Profile".  Each of the profiles have their own lobe center line adjustment, and each display calculated values for "Net Lobe Area" and "Gross Lifter Rise @ TDC". 

The software imports any "*.S96" formatted cam files from the Graph Forms menu bar.