Controlled Induction utilizes the only true mathematically correct cam requirement equation.  It calculates the valve motion requirements and camshaft profiles for any given engine combination and RPM.  The cam equations which power the software have been successfully designing cams and generating profiles for race and championship winning engines in most every type of racing for almost 50 years.  The software is easy to understand, and there is nothing as accurate, or versatile, in determining an engine’s camshaft requirements.  

These equations will model a 1 cubic inch cylinder to a 2036 cubic inch 12 cylinder, and accurately calculate their camshaft requirements.  The software is easy to operate and supports naturally aspirated, turbocharged, supercharged or nitrous engines, 2 valve or 4 valve, using pump gas, methanol, E15 or E85 fuel, with the option of a mech-roller, hydr-roller, or a mechanical or hydraulic flat tappet camshaft.  

Controlled Induction’s results offer a detailed view of your required valve motion and/or camshaft configuration.  It will compute and display intake and exhaust values for seat duration or advertised duration at .014”, .016” or .018”, duration @ .020”, .050”, .100”, .200”, .300” and .400” at the cam or valve, gross cam lift, net valve lift, lobe centreline angle, valve lift at TDC and the profile’s flat tappet footprint diameter.

Controlled Induction allows you to graph and compare the calculated valve motion requirements against your own designed valve motion profiles.  The graph screen displays calculated values for each profiles total area, overlap area, lift at TDC, lift at max piston velocity, opening and closing events and duration values for .050 and .200 cam lift.  Controlled Induction will also save all valve motion lift tables to file, for use in other software. 

If you build engines, professional or otherwise, this software is one of the two programs you should own.

Camshaft Design & Profile Generation Software

Controlled Induction

Controlled Induction 2016 is our most versatile software, and will model and design cams for most every type of engine and port design.  This is also our only software that will model and design cams for flatheads and a/c VW type 2 engines.   Controlled Induction 2016 is priced at $69.95.

Above are images of Controlled Induction 2016's Fuel Energy & Thermal Efficiency form, along with the Valve Motion Graph form.  There is nothing as accurate as Controlled Induction in selecting your camshaft and at $69.95, Controlled Induction 2016 is the best value in automotive software.