Cam Selection Software for the masses.  Using the Jones equation combined with Piston CFM Demand and Potential VE% theory, your only decisions are the desired Peak HP RPM and Volumetric Efficiency (Mean or Potential).  This is as simple as we could make it.  Quick-Cam saves, opens and prints files, has precise instructions with pop-up Help forms, an engine geometry database, imperial or metric units and a choice of roller or flat tappet profiles, hydraulic or Mechanical.  

Get your copy of Quick-Cam today and you'll be designing and recommending the optimum camshaft tomorrow.

****************************** It is not for flathead engines or air cooled VW type 2 engines with low port speed. ******************************

​Quick Cam has help for every parameter, input or calculated.  Double clicking on a parameter's label will display the Help form for that parameter.  Input parameter help includes the acceptable minimum and maximum values, along with equations, explanations and/or definitions.  The menu bar Help items consist of Program "Overview", "Navigation", "Parameters" and "Contact" info.  Selecting "Engines" from the menu bar will access a data base with the bore, stroke, rod length and additional info of hundreds of engines that will load into the program.  You can Display, Save As, Open and Print in "Imperial" or "Metric" units. 

This version is for naturally aspirated 2-valve engines only. 

Purchase Quick-Cam and you will see why Controlled Induction has got it right. 

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